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ISS Nautilus is a commercial booking system for media sales of digital advertising space and is thus specialized in the processes between the parties involved in media buying and selling.

Multifunctional all-rounder

The system maps all steps from the creation of the offer to the order and billing. ISS Nautilus records all planning, technical and commercial aspects of ad management. At the same time, marketer, customer and product master data as well as price lists are managed. Accounts receivable, publisher and agent billing are also handled in the system. It is also possible to map complex discount and billing procedures.

CRM systems, ad servers and financial accounting systems can be seamlessly integrated into the processes via interfaces. All relevant ad servers are supported. Monitoring and controlling are fully possible. A forecasting system enables analyses of problems. ISS Nautilus is available as an on premise and cloud solution.

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Firmly established with our customers
Ad Alliance
Handelsblatt Media Group
sevenone media
DBCFM is a great initiative where marketers, agencies and their customers directly benefit from simplified communication, a clear increase in efficiency through further automation and increased data quality. We are therefore convinced that this new standard will establish itself step by step in the market - and increasingly so as more publishers and agency networks participate.
Thorsten Ebbing
Chief Investment Officer GroupM Germany
In order to offer our advertising partners the best user experience, we need to digitize the value chain. Our Nautilus booking system is a central building block in this. Making our print titles accessible via it is a logical step - also in the implementation of our CrossOver strategy. With the onboarding of print, we have now integrated almost all genres into Nautilus, so that everything is possible from one system, from quotation to order management to billing.
Isabella Thissen
COO Ad Alliance
SQL has been our partner for many years and regularly develops new solutions for us for a range of services that is up-to-date with the market. By switching to ISS Nautilus as a SaaS solution, we are reducing complexity and ensuring even more stable processes - a welcome optimisation for the benefit of our customers.
Steffen Bax
Managing Director iq digital
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Wuppertal, 22.05.23
In order to be able to meet current challenges in a solution-oriented way, it sometimes helps to look back into the past.
In order to understand why we have not really solved many of the challenges of digitalisation and especially the financing of media through advertising, one has to look back historically at the invention and development of ad servers. The first ad server was developed in 1995 by Focalink Communications, a company that was later renamed 24/7 Media and eventually acquired by WPP. The first ad server was initially called Mango, and from 1996 Smartbanner, and was the first solution for the management and delivery of online advertising. Further information: Back to the Roots (of the problem) - Central vs. Local…
Wuppertal, 13.04.23
ISS Nautilus expands booking system for Ad Alliance to include print
Multi-channel system enables more flexible booking of the Ad Alliance portfolio. With the addition of print to the ISS Nautilus booking software, SQL Service GmbH has been serving a gap in demand from both publishers and cross-media marketers since last year. Ad Alliance has been accessing the software provider's latest offering since January 2023 and now also markets the print portfolio completely via the multi-channel system. The integration of the print business processes is the logical consequence of the previous successful cooperation between Ad Alliance and the Wuppertal-based software house. Video, ATV, CTV, audio and display are already comprehensively embedded…
Wuppertal, 31.03.23
The modern I/O business has to be more automated
Although programmatic advertising has taken the advertising world by storm, the I/O business remains a mainstay for German marketers. Even though the majority of media business is now programmatic, the I/O business is a billion-dollar market that has its raison d'être. Further information: Das moderne I/O-Geschäft gehört stärker automatisiert - ADZINE - Insights in Media. Adtech. Martech.

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