Business Intelligence

Stay one step ahead of the competition. Gain in-depth insights and exploit the potential early on. Our dashboards and reporting support you with their intelligent customer analyses and relevant insights. Keep track of important tasks or your budget targets with the individually personalized dashboards. Evaluate hundreds of thousands of data reports in real time. Compare figures from the previous year and learn which of the products have higher sales or which of the customers are booking less on campaigns in the current year.

Instant visualization

Nautilus makes it easy to create customizable dashboards that display what matters most to you. Visualize your reports with just a few clicks.

Planned execution

Save time by scheduling reports and dashboards in advance. Whether it's a one-time or recurring run, scheduling means you can better prepare analytics for yourself, your team, and your entire organization. This way, you can ensure that no information is left out.


With the daily delivery analysis of the different publishers, all available data can be evaluated and visualized, e.g. the individual AIs per day or as a cumulated delivery message, 
evaluated and visualized. The delivery analysis shows you the performance of entire campaigns and the effectiveness of the advertising media, even outside the delivery period.
You can customize the delivery analysis by using a variety of filter options and by showing and hiding manual delivery messages.

  • screenshot "daily delivery analysis"


Whether direct or programmatic, you can monitor every activity in your unique process. This gives you a complete and comprehensive picture of your organization's performance.

Reports export

Make your reports and dashboards accessible by others. This way you can share the information about your company with the interested people outside your Nautilus environment.


With the in-app navigation of Nautilus you can easily make appropriate search queries on all components of the database. You can submit the search queries both via a standalone module and conveniently via the specific search masks in any module.
  • screenshot "Nemo"

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