Through Nautilus, you can manage the different types of inventory at a glance. The inventories for TV, Digital, Video, Audio, Mobile, Print and in the future also for Cinema are supported simultaneously in the campaign management. In a user-friendly interface, the inventory combines the price lists, the advertising forms and the individual inventory elements and thus forms the basis for campaign management.

Price management

Clear pricing results from the tariff groups you have predefined. These tariff groups will then update automatically and adjust the prices accordingly.
  • screenshot "price management"

Price lists

Assign different prices, also in different currencies, to the combinations of inventory and advertising form within clear price lists. During the creation of campaigns, you can simply refer to the created price lists for the pricing of an item.
  • screenshot "price lists"

Inventory Packages

For simplified selection of related advertising elements, you can resort to the creation of inventory packages. This way you avoid multiple selection of the individual advertising forms and you can also set special prices.

AdServer Integration

The underlying processes are optimized by synchronization of the advertising elements and the adserver. Thanks to their creation and the selection of adserver specific properties, the inventory assignment to a sales site is automatic.

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